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Khazana Desi Murgh Tikka (7,10)
€ 8.95

Boneless chicken marinated in seasoned curd char grilled till golden brown served with green chutney.

Tangri kabab (7,10)
€ 8.95

Our irresistible version of this world famous dish. Chicken leg seasoned Chef Rahman khurana masala & hung yoghurt cooked tandoor served with mint & yoghurt chutney

Tandoori Koliwada Jhinga (1,2,3)
€ 9.95

Deep fried crispy shrimps mix with home made spices & served with tangy mango salsa & tomato relish.

Bhati ka Gosht (7,10)
€ 9.95

Lamb chop marinated overnight in aromatic spices cooked in char grilled & served with nilgiri chutney.

Jhinga Tajdar (2,7,10)
€ 11.95

Janbo prawns marinated with special tandoori masala cooked in char grilled & serve with tangy moile sauce

Kebab Tasting Platter (1,2,4,7,10)
€ 15.95

An assortment of choicest kebab of prawns lamb, chicken & vegtarian. (FOR TWO PEOPLE)

Mahi Fish Tikka (4,7,10)
€ 12.95

Salmon marinated with fenugreek & carom seeds hung yoghurt cooked with tandoor & serve with tangy moile capper sauce.

Samosa Chana Chat (1,7)
€ 8.95

Samosa serve with tangy chana chat masala & finished with chilled yoghurt sauce.

Aloo Atish Chop (7,10)
€ 8.95

Mashed potato stuffed with mozzarella cheese cooked in pan fried finish with honey mustard sauce.

Dahi Papdi Chat (1,7)
€ 7.95

Crisp papdi topped with potatoes, spicy moong dal, delicious chutneys, sweetened yoghurt, crunchy sev, salsa & tomato relish.

Paneer Pesto (7,10)
€ 8.95

An exotic dish of deep fried paneer pieces served topped with pesto sauce.

Mix sea food Platter (1,2,3,4,7,10)
€ 18.95

Selection of seafood starter. (FOR TWO PEOPLE)

Main Courser


Sabnam Curry (V)

Mushroom with garden peas & chef special curry masala cooked in tomato & onion sauce.

Paneer Butter Masala (7,8)

A very popular vegetarian recipe with chunks of cottage cheese & a good dose of butter to be a finished with tomato, cream & cashew nut paste.

Chana Pindi (V)

Chick peas cooked in a ginger & burnt cumin dry mango powder with panjabi style special onion tomato masala.

Aaj Ki Taja Subzian (V)

Seasonal fresh market vegetables cooked in fresh tomato sauce.

Palak paneer (7)

Blanched & fresh spinach cooked with selected spices & the paneer tossed finished with tomato & a touch of cream.

Aloo Gobi Masala (V)

A simple dish of potatoes & cauliflowers cooked in your daily meal.

Shahi Paneer (7,8)

This is all time favourite Indian dish has paneer cooked in a creamy sauce. Delicately flavoured with aromatic spices the sauce is full of flavours from tomatoes, butter, cashew nuts & cream.

Dal Amritsari (7)

A tangy & spicy Amritsari urad dal & bengal gram dal flavoured with cumin & garlic touch with clarified butter.

Kashmiri Dum Aloo (V)

Fried baby potatoes cooked in a kashmiri chilli paste & a chef special kasmiri youghurt masala.

Sag Aloo (V)

Potatoes cooked in spinach based sauce.

Bagara Baingan (V)

Brinjals steeped in an aromatic nutty gravy.

Main Courser


Chicken Tikka Khas Makhnwala (7,8,10)
€ 17.95

Spring chicken tikkas in a oven baked tomato gravy, famously known worldwide as “ Butter Chicken”or “Chicken Makhni”. Finished with a touch of cream

Bhuna Kosha Mangsho
€ 17.95

Spring Lamb pieces well sautéed with ginger & browned onions in a robust sauce.

Chicken Tikka Masala (7,8,10)

Tandoori chicken kebabs tossed in onion, tomato & creamy almond sauce.

Kadai Chicken Lazzatdar

Chicken morsels in roasted dry red chillies & coriander, mix pepper & onion cooked in cast iron wok.

Kashmiri Rogan Josh (7)

Traditional lamb curry cooked with kashmiri chilli, mace, cloves & tomato onion finished with yogurt & Brown onion.

Murgh Mirch Masala

Chicken cooked in roasted tomato, dry red chili, roasted garlic & brown onion

Sagwala lamb

Lamb chunks cooked to perfection with spinach, ginger, garlic fresh tomato base sauce.

Chicken Do Pyaza (7)

Chicken cubes prepared with a large amount of onion, both cooked in the spices & curry & garnished with a touch of cream.

Kolapuri murgh Rassa
€ 17.95

Hot & spicy chicken cooked in roasted coconut & chef spacial kolapuri masala.

Banjara Beef

Irish beef cooked in gypsy style, rosemary garlic potato finish with tomato onion sauce.

Hydrabadi Rara Beef

Rara beef is a very unique recipe which combines Irish beef cubes along with the lamb mince soaked with rara spices.

Nihari Beef (1)

Chunks of Irish beef browned on high heat & then pressure cooked with flavourful spices & finished with wheat flour & brown onion.

Sea Food

Prawn Jalfrizi (2)

Tiger prawns cooked with onion, capsicum, tomato, button mushroom, chilli ,tomato & onion sauce

Goan Fish Curry (4)

A velvety smooth coconut & kokam tamarind infused fish curry.

North Indian Garlic Chilli Prawn (2)

Tiger prawns cooked with plenty of garlic & tomato chilli sauce.

Fish Achari (4)

Fish cubs cooked in a spicy & tangy pickling spices sauce.

Fish Tikka Masala (4)

Berbecued fish cubs cooked in a rich tomato, almond & cream sauce.

Signature Dishes

by Chef Rahman

Tandoori Chicken Achari Biriyani (7)

Long grain basmati rice cooked in tandoori chicken special achari masala fresh herbs & saffron touched barista ed (fried onion)

Puran Singh Da Tariwala Chicken

Chicken with bone curry from the legendary dhaba on Delhi Ambala Road. Fish or prawns cooked in a flavourful kerala style coconut curry finish with curry leaves vinegar sauce.

Paneer Labadar (7,8)

Paneer tikka cooked in royal mughlai style with a tomato cashews & creamy sauce.

Nihari Beef (1)

Chunks of Irish beef browned on high heat & then pressure cooked with flavourful spices & finished with wheat flour & brown onion.

Basmati Rice

Awadhi Dum Biriyani (7)

Fragrant basmati rice cooked with exotic spices saffron ,
fried onion & mint, layered & aromatic slow cooked
hyderbadi style.

Mix Combo
Chicken Tikka Tawa Pilau (7)

chicken tikka enhances this delicious tawa pilau a nice little twist & aroma to regular pilau. mildly spicy yet quite flavour full.

Egg Fried Rice (6)

An original rice preparation made with assorted vegetables & scrambled egg.

Mushroom Fried Rice (6)

Mushroom long grain basmati rice cooked with masala & coconut milk.

Pilau Rice

Finest long grain basmati rice cooked with Indian whole spices herbs & saffron.

Saffed Chawal

Steamed Basmati rice.

Chef Athletic option €21.95


Mix seafood thal (1,2,3,4,7,10)

Selection of mix seafood served with sorted vegetable & steamed rice.

Baby Chicken (7,10)

Half baby chicken marinated overnight in ginger garlic & coated with spices, hung yoghurt roasted cumin & roasted crushed coriander cooked in a clay oven.

Chilli Garlic prawn Momo (2,6)

Authentic grilled tandoori prawns dumpling made scallion, green chilli, coriander & finish with garlic tomato sauce.

Catch of the day (4)

Chef’s flavour of the Fish of the day as selected by Chef Rahman. (Ask your server about today’s choice)

Grilled Halloumi salad (10)

Fresh mix vegetable & mix salad & Halloumi cheese mix with home made dressing.

Lamb Rack (7,10)

Lamb chop cooked with yoghurt & a spicy masala. Even the word sounds so delicious & exotic, smells aromatic & promises a royal treat of highly spiced succulent meat, dish that is fit for kings & nobles

Kids Menu

Pan Fried fish (1)

Served with potato wedges & boiled rice

Grilled Chicken Tikka (7,10)
€ 6.95

Served with potato wedges, tikka sauce & pilau rice.

Chicken Tikka Masala (7, 8)
€ 6.95

Served with chips & pilau rice

Chicken korma (7, 8)

Served with chips & boiled rice

French Fries

Potato wedges/ Chips.


Plain Naan (1,7)

A popular leavened Indian bread.

Butter Naan (1,7)

Fluffy, buttery naan flatbread made from scratch.

Garlic Naan (1,7)

North Indian baked flat bread infused with a nice garlic flavour.

Cheese Naan (1,7)

These naans are enriched with red cheddar cheese.

Peshwari Naan (1,7,8)

A sweet Indian bread made fresh coconut, almond powder, sultana, mango & saffron.

Onion Kulcha (1,7)

Spicy onion mixture stuffed into refined dough balls enhances the taste of this kulcha.

G. O. C. Naan (1,7)

Garlic, onion, coriander mixture stuffed refined dough ball enhances the taste of three flavourful.

Chilli Naan (1,7)

North Indian baked flat bread infused with a nice green chilli spicy flavour.

Chilli Coriander Naan (7)

These naans are flavoured with green chilli & fresh coriander leaves.

Roti (V)

Indian bread made with whole wheat flour.

Lacha Paratha (V)

Multi layered whole wheat flat bread & finished with clarified butter

Salad Yoghurt Pickle

Kuchumber (V)

Red onion, tomatoes, cucumber mix with chat masala & fresh lemon dressing.

Vegetable Raita (7)

A healthy yoghurt & mixed vegetable preparation

Masala Papad (V)

Deep fried papads topped with chutneys, onion, tomato & chat masala.



Tart shell filled with Apple, Castor Sugar & Cinnamon powder.


A flavourful cheesecake prepared with baileys, oats & Philadelphia cheese.


Perfect dark chocolate sponge cake with cocoa powder.


Fried dumpling of reduced milk served within a rose flavoured sugar syrup.


A yoghurt based Mango smoothie.


Raspberry & Almond frangipane tart.


1 Gluten (cereals)
2 Shellfish ( crustaceans)
3 Egg
4 Fish
5 Peanuts
6 Soybeans

Veganism is a type of vegetarian diet that excludes meat, eggs, dairy products, & all other animal-derived ingredients. Many vegans also do not eat foods that are processed using animal products, such as refined white sugar & some wines.

7 Milk
8 Nuts
9 Celery
10 Mustard
11 Sesame
12 Sulphur
13 Lupin
14 Molluscs